Adult Visits

As an added feature to my Pediatric services, I provide adult care with my training in ,adult and geriatric care, to immediate family members of the Pediatric patient/s that I am visiting. This holistic approach to healthcare focuses not only on the physical treatment of an illness but on decreasing stress and fatigue for the family members by providing quick access for family members to sick visit care which in turn promotes overall faster healing and recovery times for all members of the family.

This will include visits for family members for minor sick illnesses such as URI, strep pharyngitis, Sinusitis, Influenza, rashes, minor skin infections, viral illness associated with diarrhea and vomiting, UTI.
Please schedule an appointment for all family members on the scheduling app by scheduling time slots for the child and family members back to back, if there is a need for care on that same day. If at the time of scheduling there are not consecutive time frames please call our main number to help with the scheduling process.

How much does the service cost?

Concierge Services Fee

Fee per service/out of pocket

Call us for out of pocket fee.

Payment will be collected at the time of the visit. Additional fees will apply for medications administered or screenings/tests performed during the visit. We accept most credit cards including American Express


We Accept Insurance:


We accept insurance for Presbyterian, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, Cigna and Aetna. Please be familiar with your insurance plan and coverage for Sick and Well Child Visits.


Co pay is charged as a standard clinic / PCP visit so please be familiar with what your coverage entails in terms of standard clinic/PCP clinic visits.


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